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Empowering medical practices to maximize efficiency and improve outcomes

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Every day we help physicians increase efficiencies in their medical practices while improving both treatment and business outcomes. We broke away from the crowd in the development of our EMA™ electronic health records (EHR) system so that we could stand out with dramatically different technology—specialty-specific EHR technology that thinks like a physician.
Our solution, EMA, the Electronic Medical Assistant®, holds a distinctive position in healthcare technology and blends smoothly into your practice. We believe that an EHR system shouldn’t get in the way of how you practice medicine. It should function intelligently just like you. Like a true assistant, it should anticipate your next move. Cloud-based and developed by physicians, EMA intuitively adapts to each individual doctor’s unique style of practice and remembers preferences.
Accessing EMA as a native iPad application means typing only when you choose to. With exam notes and billing codes generated automatically, it’s rapid touch-and-swipe technology that works like you do with speed and efficiency. But our goal is to do more than give you a better EHR system.
Our mission is to “modernize medicine.” We are achieving this by combining our modmed® products and services with structured treatment and outcomes data from millions of patient encounters to give you not only top-rated tools but also in-depth nationwide medical knowledge to do what you do best: treat patients and improve healthcare. We help doctors get work done faster and get out of the office sooner, because every minute matters… in a medical practice and in your life.

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