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Jumpseller es un servicio profesional, hospedado en la Internet, para crear tienda online, sin necesidad de conocimientos técnicos para crear, configurar y administrar su negocio online.

Sobre nosotros

We are focused on simplifying e-commerce, allowing anyone to create online stores in minutes. Our customers will be relying on your technical skills, to support, maintain and extend their existing online business software. Thousands of people will be impacted by your work as our small team, currently services hundreds of small and medium size clients.

At Jumpseller, you will always tackle different problems on a weekly basis. You may be working on revamping an existing feature or brainstorming on how a new feature or different approach will solve a specific costumer’s problem. You could be integrating a new payment gateway to better serve Danish customers and next week bug-fixing a responsive web page in HTML5.

As a developer, you will be mostly working in a Ruby environment. It is a nice plus if you have had experience in Ruby and related frameworks although we are not looking for someone who is a technical expert on a particular programming field or type of software. We do expect to hire a proficient and pragmatic software developer, motivated to pick up the best tool for the problem at hand.

As a web designer, you will be mostly working pure HTML/CSS environment. It is a nice plus if you have had experience in jQuery and delivered projects on top of Foundations or Bootrap frameworks. You'll have great attention to detail producing pixel-perfect work and be resposible for optimize design and performance across all devices using clean code.

You will be okay with searching for a better solution and ditching something in favor of a simpler approach or different idea. Our final work comes after an iterative process, so your work should be easy to read and understand by others & ready to change in response to external feedback.

While it is not important if you have recently graduated from University or have been working in the web field for a couple of years, we expect you to be proactive and to work with little or no supervision and stand to your own commitments.

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