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We are seeking a Software Engineer (Back-End Focus) to assist our team in achieving ambitious goals. This opening is a full-time, long-term contract position.
The Software Engineer will help design and maintain all software applications within the Artist Growth ecosystem with a focus on the API our client applications consume. Additionally, this position serves as a representative of the entire engineering team to other stakeholders inside and outside of the business.
We are looking for someone who is passionate about helping create a work environment that is accepting, self-driven, and efficient. Communication is the cornerstone of our company, and we need an individual who is exceptional at communicating amongst our entire team to achieve our goals.

Job functions

  • Participates in the daily status meeting by providing updates about the status of their work and any impediments
  • Writes code and tests for given tasks with minimal guidance before and during execution of tasks
  • Adheres to development guidelines and workflow dictated by team leaders
  • Uses source control without supervision
  • Participates in peer review process
  • Seeks the advice of engineering team members when faced with questions or roadblocks
  • Learns about both general software engineering approaches and the specific technologies in use at or being evaluated by Artist Growth, both independently and as directed
  • Contributes to high-level engineering plans, goals, systems, and future innovations
  • Provides meaningful feedback about work being planned to ensure the requirements are understandable and actionable

The Software Engineer’s success depends upon the performance of others in the company. The Software Engineer must model healthy relationships inside the company and take corrective action when performance or the quality of work or life is adversely affected by unhealthy relationships. This applies to relationships between individuals, departments, and functional units.

Measurements of Success
The key metrics used to evaluate the performance of the engineer and entire team are lead time—the elapsed time from the beginning of engineering work to delivery—and velocity—the amount of pointed work completed each iteration. The measurable goals of the engineering team are expressed in the form of velocity. The performance of the engineer will be evaluated in this context, and they are expected to assist the entire team in meeting or exceeding those commitments.

Qualifications and Requirements

A bachelor’s or equivalent degree in computer science, engineering, management information systems, software engineering, mathematics, or a related field is desired. In lieu of a degree, a minimum of 3–5 years experience in a related field may be acceptable,

  • Capable of completing a body of work based on functional requirements, resolving any ambiguity or roadblocks
  • Able to provide meaningful feedback on work in the planning stages and identify potential problems or dependencies
  • Able to work within a defined process and identify ways in which the process could be improved
  • Mindful of non-functional requirements like maintainability, performance, accessibility, and testability
  • Comfortable working independently on most small to medium tasks
  • Strong problem-solving skills to assist support and sales staff in resolving questions and discerning the root cause and potential workarounds for defects
  • Able to deliver technical information in a manner that is understandable for non-technical staff
  • Able to navigate and build an understanding of a complex software project
  • Able to understand business goals and prioritize their work to best help Artist Growth achieve those goals
  • Able to communicate in written and spoken English fluently

Personal Attributes
  • Committed to building and working with a strong engineering team, supporting each other in the service of meeting strategic and tactical goals
  • Comfortable raising issues when the quality of the product or process is threatened
  • Possesses a commitment to continuous learning and leadership
  • Demonstrates the ability to see the big picture and provides meaningful feedback across the company
  • Acts in an honorable and respectful way to others both inside and outside the company

Desirable skills

  • Extensive experience building and maintaining complex applications with Django
  • Practical experience designing and delivering RESTful APIs (Django Rest Framework preferred)
  • Significant knowledge of and previous work with modern Python tooling
  • A strong understanding of the various factors affecting the performance and security of Django applications
  • Knowledge implementing solutions with AWS are desired
  • Strong understanding of data modeling and database architecture

Conditions And Culture

The engineering team at Artist Growth is focused above all on helping everyone deliver their best work. We are a small, agile team with a commitment to delivering excellent products and encourage cross-functional collaboration with the product, design, success, and sales teams. If you would like to really feel like your contributions make a difference in both the company and our customer's lives, please join us. We would love to have you.

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