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Viña del Mar
El trabajo debe ser desempeñado íntegramente de manera presencial en: Viña del Mar
| Semi Senior | Full time | Machine Learning / AI

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At Quantsoft we are developing the best AI Softwares to manage capital. We define ourselves as Scientists. At the core of every process we obtain conclusions and improve our systems based on the Scientific Method. We analize data to bring science to the investment world following the principles of Artificial Intelligence to produce softwares that deliver high, consistent and stable returns in the long run.
Today, we’re tapping into the unlimited potential of AI to define the next era of IMAIS. Doing what’s never been done before takes vision, innovation, and the world’s best talent.
Why Quantsoft?
Joining Quantsoft means becoming a pivotal player in a startup environment where your expertise matters. We're seeking Senior Software Engineers to lay the foundation of our teams, contributing to the shaping of our technology and culture from the ground up.

Key Responsibilities

  • Strategic Collaboration: Work closely with incoming cross-functional teams to strategize, analyze, and implement high-quality software solutions.
  • Lead by Example: Bring your experience to the table, writing clean, efficient code that sets the standard for excellence.
  • Team Leadership: Contribute to team discussions, lead code reviews, and mentor junior team members as we grow together.
  • Rapid Problem Solving: Tackle software issues swiftly and effectively, ensuring the continuous improvement of our AI-driven systems.
  • Tech Pioneer: Stay at the forefront of industry trends and technologies, actively contributing to our innovative software solutions.
  • Scientific approach: At the heart of our company lies a commitment to continuous improvement, where we constantly seek to enhance the performance of our models. You should be adept at formulating hypotheses, designing experiments to test them, and then implementing software upgrades or code modifications to realize these improvements
  • Partial Monitoring of the performance of the models / softwares created: You will spend approximately one-third of your time monitoring the performance of the AI models and software you create or enhance. During this period, you can also engage in other exciting projects we're working on, but it's crucial to keep a close watch on the AI's behavior to ensure it aligns with our expectations

Qualifications and requirements

  • Proven Experience: A robust background in software development, with a deep understanding of software design principles.
  • Technical Mastery: Proficiency in one or more programming languages, coupled with experience in web application development and familiarity with database (SQL and NoSQL) systems. Preferable but not exclusively a great background in Python, TypeScript, PostgreSQL and DynamoDB.
  • Analytical Thinking: Strong problem-solving and analytical skills, demonstrating an ability to navigate complex challenges.
  • Collaborative Leadership: Excellent communication and teamwork abilities, essential for thriving in our startup culture.
  • Essential collaboration skills: Excellent communication and collaboration skills. Ability to clearly communicate technical information to both technical and non-technical audiences. Proactive and effective in reporting issues related to your work and collaborating with the team to find solutions.
  • Language: Excellent command of written and spoken English, enabling clear and effective communication within a diverse team environment.
  • On-Site Excellence for Startup Synergy: Our startup culture thrives on in-site interactions for quicker feedback, enhanced understanding of critical ideas, and fostering an environment where collaboration fuels innovation. Being on-site is not just about physical presence; it's about being part of a dynamic exchange that accelerates our collective growth. We recognize the value of flexible work arrangements and understand that remote work is a preference for many developers. While we appreciate the benefits of remote work, especially in promoting work-life balance, we believe that in the initial stages of our company, having our team on-site will contribute significantly to building a strong foundation for our collaborative culture. As the company matures, we remain open to exploring more flexible arrangements that align with the evolving needs of our team.
  • Preferred Profile: The preferred candidate will hold a degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Astronomy, or a related field from a top-tier University in Chile or abroad. A Ph.D. related to or where you used deep learning, is highly desirable. However, if you do not possess a Ph.D., we expect a robust track record of experience and achievements in your career

Desirable skills

  • Infrastructure Management: Experience with infrastructure as code tools like Terraform, especially for provisioning and managing cloud resources on AWS.
  • Monitoring and Logging: Familiarity with monitoring and logging solutions like Sentry or Papertrail for identifying and troubleshooting application issues.
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD): Understanding of CI/CD pipelines and experience using tools like GitHub Actions for automated testing and deployment.


Besides Snacks and a powerfull laptop, if you do very well, you can be eligible for equity and bonuses.
The job salary showed is just referential (because of getonboard requirements), and could be below or above the range depending on the candidate profile and experience

Acerca de Quantsoft

Somos una startup que realiza trading en diferentes activos, esto los hacemos mediante herramientas de Inteligencia artificial y desarrollo de software. — Perfil completo de Quantsoft

AI Engineer (Semi Senior)
Quantsoft • Viña del Mar
El trabajo debe ser desempeñado íntegramente de manera presencial en: Viña del Mar
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