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Greetings, Animation Maestros,

Unlock an exhilarating career path with us by becoming an integral part of our groundbreaking projects geared toward delivering visually stunning and emotionally rich gaming experiences. As an animator proficient in Maya/Blender, Unity, and Spine 2D, you'll play a pivotal role in transcending animation norms within the gaming industry.

Embark on a creative journey aimed at constructing unforgettable, dynamic characters for high-stakes narratives. Your craftsmanship will extend from meticulous rigging to fine tuning the minute emotional nuances in facial expressions. We aim not just for visual realism but a level of emotional authenticity that invites players to empathize with our characters truly.

Role Responsibilities

Nuanced 3D Animation: Leverage Maya/Blender to breathe life into 3D models, emphasizing a spectrum of expressions for immersive character interaction.

Emotional Intelligence in Animation: Masterfully implement micro-expressions, eye twitches, and body postures that go beyond the superficial and strike at the heart of emotional storytelling.

Spine 2D Artistry: You'll utilize Spine 2D to orchestrate fluid 2D character animations, harmonizing them with the overarching world.

Unity Virtuosity: Incorporate animated elements into Unity, optimizing for peak performance. Expertise in Unity's native animation tools will be particularly valuable.

Cross-Platform Adaptability: develop animations to maintain their integrity across diverse platforms, with a keen focus on mobile device optimization.

Requerimientos del cargo

You're the animator of our dreams if you:

- Showcase a portfolio testament to your expertise in creating delightful animations.
- Possess an innate storytelling flair that manifests through your animations.
- Exhibit scrupulous attention to detail—right down to the nuances in a character's breathing or a subtle wink.
- Thrive both in team collaborations and solo endeavors.
- Are not only skilled but also open-minded, readily asking questions when faced with challenges.
- Are future-facing yet history-inspired - While you master the latest tech, your deep knowledge and understanding of classic animation principles sets you apart.

- Solid proficiency in 3D animation via Maya or Blender.
- Mastery over 2D animation using Spine 2D.
- Adept in Unity, equipped with an arsenal of techniques for animation implementation, setup, and troubleshooting.
- In-depth understanding of texture optimization strategies, such as atlasing, compression, and shader utilization.


- Experience implementing and testing animations across engines like Unreal and Unity.
- Acquaintance with agile methodologies and version control systems such as Git.

If your portfolio echoes our creative and technical prerequisites, we seek you.


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Acerca de Series AI

Series AI was born from a passion for game development, founded by indie developers. We believe powerful generative tools and systems are key to grow creativity allowing a development capability that doesn’t have to sacrifice between quality and Scope. — Perfil completo de Series AI

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