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Here at Moviit we develop technological solutions.
We always say "If it's not fun, we don't do it".

Even though the company is relatively young, we have already launched a number of solutions for big companies here in Chile, including Watt's, Monticello and more.

Our development team is growing and we need someone to lead it.

Job requirements

You should have advanced experience in the following areas at least:


  • C# / Javascript / HTML / CSS
  • Good level of spoken and written English

Frameworks / Technologies

  • ASP.NET v4.5 or higher
  • Angular v1.5 or higher
  • LINQ
  • Entity Framework
  • Code First & Migrations
  • Git
  • SQL / No SQL Databases

You should know how to create REST APIs, SPA applications, and work with the different types of projects offered by ASP.NET and serve them over Azure Cloud and IIS.

Extra points if you know:

  • PHP
  • Mobile development
  • Hybrid development


As the leader of the team you will be required to be the chief architect of new features and projects, hence you are required to be proficient in OOP, modularization, design patterns, separation of concerns and other code architecture related subjects.


Moviit implements the Agile methodology, hence you are expected to possess experience in the area as well.
As part of your job you will be expected to design proposal documents, write other types of documents, split the tasks between team members, talk to clients, set-up meetings, and move our projects forward.
We need someone who is creative enough to find new ways of solving different problems which might come along the way.

Other traits we look for are order, responsibility, self-discipline, and motivation.


This office is also our second home, and our teammates are our family.
To lead our team you must be a people's person. You must be a person who takes care of his family, and always willing to creatively innovate and push the team forward.


Moviit is a great place. We have great people with great minds working together.

We are a mixture of origins, cultures, and habits and we are very proud of that.

We have our own ping pong table and you are more than welcome to join us for a match…

Let's see if you can beat Job, our top player. he's from Holand… ;)

As for work… If tasks are clear we can sometimes work from home.

This is a great place to grow as a professional and a great opportunity to meet awesome people.

Feel free to contact us. We will receive you with a smile. :)

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