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ArchDaily’s job is to improve the quality of life of the billions of people who will arrive in cities during the next decades by providing inspiration, knowledge and tools to the architects who will have the challenge to design for them. With more than 169 million monthly pageviews, we’re constantly developing and improving our apps and services.

Software Developers at ArchDaily are core participants in every technological decision made in any of our platforms, either internal or public. They also participate in every step of the application’s lifecycle.

Now we have a consolidated team in Puerto Montt, so you can join our team in Santiago or Puerto Montt!

Position Requirements

We are looking for an experienced Frontend Developer to join our existing Development Team to help us improve the general experience of our users by using edge technology.

These are the excluding skills:

  • JS (ES6). We use ES5 and ES6 in our apps, but we're moving to standardise them to ES6. You should also understand how transpilers work.
  • React JS. We chose React as our JS Framework and we've started using it where we really need a JS framework. (Your first task would be probably related to React but you will work on non React projects too)
  • SASS. We use SASS to code our stylesheets.
  • Extensive knowledge in CSS. Understand grids, flexbox and responsive css for example.
  • Experience with Git.
  • Very good communication skills!

Desirable Skills

You will work with a lot of people from different cultures around the world and many of them do not speak Spanish. That's why we decided to use English for all our official communications. It would be great if you can talk to them in English ;)


At ArchDaily we care about your well-being by providing a culture that fosters happiness, innovation, and integration. We give you flexibility to work remotely when needed. We appreciate you take time to rest when you need -given that you are responsible for your own goals. You would be joining a multicultural, international team full of proactive young people, with constant new challenges, and a horizontal structure where your voice will be heard.

We invite you to review our #humansofarchdaily and #archdailyhq tags on instagram so you can learn a little more about our workplace (how we work and we have fun!).

Postula a este empleo ArchDaily está revisando este empleo frecuentemente
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Acerca de ArchDaily

ArchDaily es el sitio web para Arquitectos más visitado del mundo. Actualmente operamos en USA, México, Brasil y Chile. Trabajamos día a día para mejorar la calidad de vida de quienes llegarán a vivir a ciudades en los próximos 40 años. — Perfil completo de ArchDaily

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