Developer Engineer Full-Stack en Cabify

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The Maxi Mobility group, the owner of Cabify, launched one month ago its own digital wallet called Lana ( oriented to all ecosystem of mobility (Cabify, Easy Taxi, Glovo, and Movo).
Lana -the Maxi's company- is a Tech Startup with focusing in the Gig Economy through a digital wallet. We started launching in Chile, México, and Perú, and we expect to start soon in other countries.


Wat we expect

● Scope: Projects Crossteams - End To End Q projects

○ Has a full domain of specialization and is a solid problem solver

○ Digs into tough problems and solve them independently into different Squads

● Average expected timeframe to level V: 3 to 4 years
- Experience developing on GO language.
- Intermediate English (written and spoken).

Co-Owner Mentality

● Generates tasks and distributes among the team according to their complexity or difficulty.

● Performs tasks of high level of complexity and investigate new ways of working with the aiming to improve technical squad performance.

● Active participation on recruitment efforts (interviews)

Trust, Communicate & Develop

● Encourages his/her colleagues to give their opinions and points of view, creating opportunities for others to contribute.

● Finds key moments to transmit information and feedback.

● Identifies technical team weaknesses and suggest solutions.

Be humble and kind

● Suggests, modify and/or create work proposals to promote group effectiveness.

● Shares the info regenerated by evolving the rest of the team members, ensuring that everyone works as a team.

Make an Impact

● Contributes heavily to resolve fires.

● Has a business context and clearly knows how his/her projects would impact on business metrics.

● He/She knows how to guide a work discussion relating it to business impact.

Embrace & Drive Change

● Manages to adapt to changes and understand them as an inherent part of the company culture.

● Is capable of provoking them if he/she considers them necessary for growth.

Contribute and Commit

● Ability to unblock him/herself and other team members.

● Deconstructs a problem into an executable action plan for his/herself and others.

● Generates support for company/team decisions.

Analyze, Innovate & Simplify

● Looks for simple solutions first, rather than just doing what is being asked or seeking perfection.

● Iterates, rolls out progressively and tests, so that the team can learn from data/feedback and communicates the progress.

● Directs conversations to identify problems, causes and how to treat those, rather than focusing on proposed solutions


- 25% of discount in Cabify (personal account)
- Complementary healthy insurance

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