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AmigoCloud is an international company that believes that Geospatial Technology should be accessible everywhere by everyone. It also believes in the future of Peru as our CEO and Cofounder was born in Peru and came to the United States. Now we have the opportunity to bring the best technological knowledge and experience back to Peru. As a team it’s our goal to create the most advanced, geospatial platform in the world by leveraging the latest technologies, open data, and industry standards. To that end we are building our team in the US and in Peru to be the technological experts in the industry.

Job requirements

We are looking for a Project Manager to work with our team in our Lima office. We use an agile methodology so being familiar with agile methods such as scrum, burn-down charts, kanban charts, iterations and sprints, backlogs and continuous integration are important. As a project manager it will be your responsibility to turn a project's requirements into a backlog, work with the team to separate the backlog into sprints or iterations, and work with the team to monitor the team's progress throughout the iterations and the project's life cycle. While working on that, you will also be working with the client to ensure that the client sees constant progress in their project, understands where the project is in the overall time-line and schedule, and negotiate customer expectations and ensure that the customer approves the deliverables. You will be working with the sales and marketing teams to assist with estimating costs and time-lines. Finally, you will be working with internal stakeholders to report the progress of your projects and communicate any needs, delays, or expectations for your projects.

Experience with Project Management and Task Management as well as Agile Software Development Techniques is a must. Understanding the software development life cycle, software and server security practices, and communication with other teams is essential.

What you will do when you start:

  • Setup accounts and security access.
  • Set up your laptop and learn about the different projects that the company is working on.
  • Learn about our task management and project management tools.
  • Get integrated into the team, participating in daily meetings, and iteration reviews

What you will be doing in a month:

  • Reviewing the requirements for the projects you are working on.
  • Review the current team backlogs
  • Meeting the team members for the projects you will manage.
  • Get introduced to the clients and internal stakeholders.
  • Be able to monitor a project's issue list and overall status of the project.

What you will be doing in 3-6 months:

  • Report on the status of the project to internal stake holders
  • Manage the team's iteration backlog
  • Fully review the project's requirements and backlog
  • Communicate status updates to the client
  • Communicate issues from the client to the team and adjust schedules and backlogs as needed.

What you will be doing in 6-12 months:

  • Work with the sales team to evaluate potential projects
  • Estimate development hours for project work
  • Follow up with former projects to ensure customer success
  • Suggest process improvements

What you will be doing after 1 year:

  • Conduct project postmortem meetings
  • Work with management, sales, and developers to improve project processes
  • Coordinate with other project managers and product development to migrate enhancements to the core product


  • Unlimited Vacation - We do ask that you fulfill your responsibilities in a professional and honest manner
  • Flexible Hours - We want you to be able to be there for the moments in life that are important rather than chained to an office
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