Empresa Profesional

Data Scientist / Ml Scientist en TeselaGen SpA

Empleo finalizado - No se reciben más postulantes

TeselaGen is an enterprise software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. At TeselaGen, we are building the information technology backbone for synthetic biology. Our mission is to provide a secure, scalable enterprise platform for modern molecular biology approaches to the production of the next generation of medicines, enzymes and agricultural products. Our customers range from large Fortune 50 companies to individual academic researchers.

Requerimientos del cargo

Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Synthetic Biology, Statistical Modeling, Data Science, Artificial Neural Networks, R, Python

  • BS, Ms. or PhD Computer Science degree with specific studies in machine learning, data mining, or similar experience.
  • Solid software engineering skills for prototype development and the implementation of experimental setups
  • Deep skepticism of buzzword mumbo jumbo, plus the ability to identify and debunk false assumptions and analytical flaws is a strong plus.
  • Experience with Python or R and at least one of the big ML libraries (e.g,: Scikit, TensorFlow, Keras)
  • Plus: experience with full-stack web technologies and ETLs.
  • Plus: knowledge in bioinformatics and/or genomics.
  • Plus: deep understanding of the theory behind state of the art deep learning methods as well as knowing best practices in their application.
  • Strong plus: Track record and experience in leading research projects in one of the following areas: deep learning, bayesian inference, computer vision or recommender system, natural language processing, multi-modal representation.
  • Fluent in English.


  • Data, data, data.
  • A highly impactful and creative role in a company with data science at its core.
  • An amazing playground for machine learning applications.
  • A high level of personal responsibility and a great deal of creative freedom.
  • An honest and open feedback culture and individual development opportunities.
  • Competitive salary, work flexibility and benefits.
  • Traveling to company office in San Francisco, CA as needed.

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