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Bioinformatician en Andes Ag

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Andes helps farmers improve crop yields through the design and development of seeds with improved genetic capabilities through the use of microbial technology and artificial intelligence.

At Andes, we have gathered, isolated and selected beneficial microbes that come from all around the planet. This task is very difficult and tricky because if you don't know what you are looking for, you may never find it.We have developed proprietary functional screening methods based on the decades of experience of our research team. Our scientists have devoted their lives to the study of plants and microbes.

Requerimientos del cargo

As a member of Andes team, you will focus on general bioinformatics/computational biological needs of the company, interfacing with both R&D and agricultural operations.

Specifically, your projects will resolve massive data profiling from bacteria and plants and use these features to generate standardized data sets. Also, standardized data sets are crucial for rapid pipeline development, timely product releases, and reduced validation costs. Is expected that you will support Technical and Scientific Directors to contribute experimental designing and promote scientific discussion of the results.

  • Work in collaboration with key scientific personnel and the Data Scientist Engineer to build, test, adapt, support and validate genome assembling pipelines.
  • Profiling NGS data (Illumina/ThermoFisher) for platform-specific patterns and synthetic data modeling
  • Create standardized NGS datasets to be used for designing beneficial plant-bacterial inoculants.
  • Support R&D and agricultural operations with ad hoc data queries, troubleshooting database and data-flow issues
  • Directly reporting to the Scientific Director


  • Demonstrated proficiency in algorithm development for the analysis of large NGS datasets.
  • Demonstrated ability with various assays and sequencing techniques (i.e: RNA-seq), and sequencing technologies from companies such as Illumina, ThermoFisher.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in programming for compiled languages and/or scripting languages (Perl, Python, R, JavaScript, etc.) and working in Unix/Linux operating systems.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in presenting massive amounts of data in a clean and functional way.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in manipulating large NGS datasets: data transformation, read trimming, alignment, variant calling, and data store migration.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate efficiently the work effectively with a multidisciplinary team of scientists.
  • At least 2+ year experience in Bioinformatics, Genomics, Genetics, Computer Sciences or a related field, or M.S. and/or Ph.D. with 4+ years of experience, or equivalent.
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