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Ohalo uses machine learning and natural language processing to create order out of data chaos!

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Creating order out of data chaos

Ohalo's core product is the Data X-Ray, which lets a user scan a datasource for regulatory-sensitive personal data. A datasource can be connected within seconds and the user can then start scanning immediately. A typical scan takes under a minute.

The scan maps out personal data within a datasource, discharging fundamental regulatory obligations. In the absence of the Data X-Ray, such a data mapping process would have to be completed manually, taking a team of people many hours of work.

The results are returned in two formats - a high-level tree-map and a more granular, column-by-column, document-by-document analysis of the datasource. Taken together, the results provide a comprehensive assessment of the proportion and location of personal data within a datasource

The application technology is machine learning. The user is provided with a pre-trained GDPR-responsive personal data classifier but they can also modify the classifier to find specific classes of data relevant to them.

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