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You worked today - get paid today! We give workers access to earned salaries in real-time. We firmly believe no one should have to go overdraft or pay for expensive consumer credit just because they lack real-time access to their salary.

Sobre nosotros

At sueldoYa we’re committed to improving the lives of millions of workers in South America.

People go to work everyday, have expenses everyday but they get paid only once per month. This rigidity of salaries creates lots of problems for those who live paycheck to paycheck. When things get tough before payday, they are prevented from using their already earned wages - they have no other option than to go overdraft, use payday loans and other types of really expensive consumer credit.

We think this is wrong - people should be able to use their own money! - and we are working really hard to change it.

We’re a fintech, B2B2C, building a platform that allows employees to access earned wages on-demand, regardless of payday.sueldoYa gives workers the peace of mind of accessing their own money, when they need it.

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