Get on Board - Social Media / Soporte RSS Sun, 24 Sep 2017 08:00:59 GMT Soporte Técnico <p><strong>Descripción del cargo:</strong></p><p>Empresa del área de Ingeniería y Comunicaciones busca técnicos para trabajar en el área de soporte y atención de clientes.</p><p>Se ofrecen dos cupos para integrar el equipo de soporte y desempeñar tareas de monitoreo, atención de clientes, gestión de tickets, administración de servicios de correo electrónico, entre otras.</p><p><strong>Requisitos:</strong></p><ul><li>Disponibilidad para trabajar en sistema de turnos rotativos.</li></ul><p><strong>Conocimientos</strong>:</p><p>De preferencia tener conocimientos informáticos medios en:</p><ul><li>Manejo de sistemas operativos Microsoft y Linux.</li><li>Servicios de correo (configuraciones, protocolos, etc.).</li><li>Active Directory</li><li>Adicionalmente poseer habilidad interpersonales para la atención de clientes.</li></ul><p><strong>Oferta:</strong></p><p>Se ofrece sueldo acorde al mercado, seguro complementario de salud, bonificaciones por desempeño, bonificaciones por turno, grato ambiente laboral y trabajo en equipo.</p> Wed, 13 Sep 2017 13:06:54 GMT Sat, 28 Oct 2017 13:06:54 GMT Colibrí Operations Agent <p>At Beat we believe that technology can change the world. &nbsp;Our goal is to be efficient and develop groundbreaking technologies that improve the lives of the people in the cities we operate in. We believe that every individual is integral to our success. Therefore, we encourage our employees to express their opinion and take ownership of their domain. In return to their hard work and dedication, we provide unlimited access to learning and opportunities to grow, bonuses and competitive compensation packages.</p><p>Our vision is to make Beat a massive global consumer brand that becomes the fabric of all modern megacities. We use cutting-edge technology to constantly grow our successful app, which lets people move around their cities smartly and efficiently.</p><p>Our company's HQ is located in Athens, Greece. &nbsp;Since February 2017 Beat is a member of, a Daimler AG subsidiary and will soon be setting foot across South America.</p><h2>Beat Profile</h2><p>At Beat we focus on providing an amazing Customer Experience. As an Operations Agent, you will be working as a Beat ambassador helping and educating both our passengers and drivers by creating an outstanding experience to all of our customers and spreading our heart-beat in Santiago city.</p><p>In this role, you will work with all aspects of driver applications from the moment they apply to become &nbsp;a driver to giving the first ride by troubleshooting applications, operationalizing common issues and flagging issues for the engineering team. You will help onboard new passengers and drivers, support their operational needs and transform possible users to engaged and passionate Beat lovers!</p><p><strong>What you’ll need to do day in day out:</strong></p><ul><li>Provide friendly, timely support to our drivers &amp; passengers via SMS, email or phone, committed to do whatever it takes to get a resolution for their queries.</li><li>Validate drivers’ documents and requests and handle drivers’ activation from end to end.</li><li>Manage the day-to-day issues of thousands of drivers in our system.</li><li>Communicate with drivers regarding all required and pending documents</li><li>Follow up cases until resolved</li><li>Document accurately all information by using the right methods/tools</li><li>Follow communication procedures, guidelines and policies</li><li>Evaluate market competition tactics</li><li>Build loyalty among new users and get our early adopters to fall in love with Beat</li></ul><p><strong>What you'll need to have</strong>:</p><ul><li>1+ years of Customer Support experience</li><li>Bachelor’s degree</li><li>The ability to speak, read and write Spanish and English fluently</li><li>Impeccable problem solving and active listening skills</li><li>Excitement about new technologies, you love the internet and the web based productivity services and are a prolific user of touch screen &amp; smart phones</li><li>Passion for helping and empowering others</li><li>Excellent organisations skills and ability to multitask and perform effectively under pressure</li><li>Be high energy with an outgoing, social personality</li></ul><h2>What's in it for you:</h2><ul><li>Full-time competitive salary</li><li>Legal life insurance since first day of employment</li><li>Beat rides-travel in our city for free, at the tap of a button</li><li>Flexible working hours and top line tools</li><li>A great opportunity to grow and work with the most amazing people in the industry</li><li>Being part of an environment that offers challenging goals, autonomy and mentoring, which creates incredible opportunities, both for you and the company</li></ul> Mon, 11 Sep 2017 20:38:28 GMT Thu, 26 Oct 2017 20:38:28 GMT Beat Blogger / Social Media Manager <p> is a platform for sustainable tourism, connecting travellers directly with travel agents in a destination.</p><p>Travel Marketplace: Our mission is to provide the best, tailor-made travel experience by connecting travellers with local travel agents, who in turn provide them with local products, made from local knowledge, at local prices.</p><ul><li>As a traveler - you get advice from local experts and can plan and book a trip directly at the best prices</li><li>As an agent - you are able to reach new markets and earn more money. It’s a win-win.</li></ul><p>Responsible Tourism: We require all of our agents to work sustainably, in order to ensure that the local communities and environment also benefit. All agents must be reviewed by a sustainability certifier before working with us. Furthermore, we finance projects for sustainable development within Latin America.</p><h2>Requirements</h2><p>We are actively recruiting an experienced blogger / social media community manager, looking for an opportunity to join a promising startup on the ground floor. You will join our team in the Latin American office, located in Viña del Mar, Chile. Your position will let you work as part of a marketing team, featuring you, an SEO expert and a designer/audio-visual content producer and an experienced travel-copywriter.</p><p>Who you are/ What you bring:</p><ul><li>Native English Speaker. We’ll consider non-native English speakers that demonstrate they have written quality, grammatically-correct copy in English</li><li>Basic knowledge of writing for SEO</li><li>Ability to research and fact-check</li><li>Ability to write in a fun, conversational tone</li><li>Happy to work for a startup and comfortable with ambiguity</li><li>A working knowledge of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the proven ability the create engaging posts</li><li>A genuine passion for Latin America</li></ul><h2>Benefits</h2><p>We are based in Viña del Mar, operating from a beautiful office and house a few blocks from the beach, where you are welcome to join us.</p><p>We provide:</p><ul><li>Flexible working hours - as long the works gets done there is no need for further management</li><li>Remote work possible - work from home, the office, a cafe, etc., where you work is up to you, as long as the work gets done in the most productive way for you and the team</li></ul> Thu, 31 Aug 2017 20:40:04 GMT Sun, 15 Oct 2017 20:40:04 GMT